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Retail specialist

Paradox focuses on retail, for a wide selection of products.

We can help you check up your facings, your positionning in more than 2 800 stores in China

Women's Equality

With more than 90% of women employees and 60% at top position, Paradox is stressing women at the heart of their decisions

Human Beings oriented

Paradox has created the Parathon, a race for all their employees every year to raise money for Charity.

We bring the world to your table

  • Wine, spirits, beers and beverages
  • Fine Food
  • Restaurants
  • Foundation


Stores delivered in China




Cities, from Tier 1 to Tier 5


Women at top position

Global distributor on China market

  • Created 1999
  • 8 Offices
  • 15 Rep offices
  • World famous brands
  • Own created brands

China leader in retail market
Since 1999, Paradox focuses on retail market, with leading market share in each of their customers

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