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OBIKWA, trail blazers in eco-friendly winemaking as the first South African wine to switch to ultra-light weight 350 ml Consul glass bottles to minimise their carbon footprint, has been shortlisted for a Green Award by The Drinks Business, Europe’s leading beverage trade publication. These UK based Green Awards 2011 target the entire global drinks trade in an effort to raise awareness of green issues and reward environmental and ethical leadership world-wide.

Shortlisted in the category Best Green Launch, OBIKWA stuck its neck out for the environment in 2010 with the new light weight bottles, thereby effecting a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions.

Embracing the spirit of the indigenous OBIKWA people whose close affinity to nature gave them instinctive wisdom to touch the earth lightly, OBIKWA’s new light weight 350g glass bottles are 100g lighter than the former OBIKWA 450g bottle. This 25% weight saving amounts to a total reduction in carbon dioxide equivalent emissions of 654 tons per year across the entire OBIKWA range. In addition, there is a saving of electricity in the production of the light weight bottles amounting to a staggering 318 000 kWh per year, enough to sustain 40 typical South African homes for an entire year.

Taking its commitment to a sustainable environment way beyond light weight glass, OBIKWA adheres to eco-friendly practices throughout the entire wine production process. All OBIKWA grape producers must comply with the requirements of the Integrated Production of Wine (IPW), the South African industry standard for environmentally sustainable practices. Consequently, all OBIKWA wines now carry the Sustainability Seal issued by the South African Wine & Spirit Board, the world’s first guarantee of eco-friendly production.

In its quest to minimise its carbon footprint, OBIKWA has the benefit of practices put in place by parent company Distell whose economies of scale can make small changes go a very long way. Green initiatives that have been implemented across a number of ISO14001 certified production sites include the recycling of waste glass, paper, cartons and plastic as well as the implementation of grey water recycling for irrigation purposes at Adam Tas Cellar where the OBIKWA wines are made.


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