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A Chinese movie shot at Bordeaux number One at the Chinese box office

A Chinese movie shot at Bordeaux number One at the Chinese box office

Partly shot in Bordeaux last year, with very famous tv series celebrities, the movie Jiang ai is currently leading the Chinese box office. Jiang Ai is a total success: 7 million movie tickets were sold since its release in February 2011 and it was number One in the Chinese box office!

David Hurst, production manager of the set of the movie at Bordeaux, states that since there are only 6000 screens in total in China, with limited seats in general, this movie is a huge success!

The assets of Bordeaux

Jian Ai is the sequel to “Eternal moment”, a famous Chinese tv series. In the movie, the main character comes to Gironde to find his mistress back who married a wine-grower. At the beginning, the screenwriters were hesitating between an Australian and a French wine-producing region to shot the movie. But the union of the wine, the picturesque, the old stones and the landscape of Bordeaux helped the scenarists to make their choice! Once the destination chosen, during summer 2010, the team started to occupy the region in which there were already staying for more than 14 days : Bordeaux, Pilat’s dune, Gujan’s jetée du port, Cazaux’s lake, and, in particular, Saint-Emilion and Moulin Galhaud’s manor. David Hurst states that the movie was specifically shot for the Chinese market. There are three different stories in the movie, three ways to show how the characters meet at Beijing, at Shanghai and at Bordeaux!

The success of Jian Ai could be explained by many factors. The place is idyllic, there is a tender love story, the world of wine, stones and vineyard. It’s also a romantic work that was purposely broadcast on Valentine’s Day! All this combined with the fact that for Chinese people, France is the most romantic place ever for a romantic trip.

Another sight of the Wine

In addition to these, the movie sales campaign was large. There is also a very interesting societal phenomenon here, the characters are fully living Epicureanism, which consists in searching their constant happiness. As a consequence, after the public health problems which China had to face up in the last decades (particularly the trafic of adulterated alcohol and spirits), Chinese people find the discovering of wine refreshing and consider it as a source of pleasure and a lifestyle. The success of the movie keeps growing day by day; the rights to broadcast the movie on internet are the highest in the History of Chinese film industry. The soundtrack of the movie sung by the famous Cantonese singer Faye Wong is also a big success.

Chinese people passion for wines has started from long ago and the tv series “Amor de Tarapaca” or even “The Dream of Link” are two examples of movies that present various famous wine regions of the world! In addition to this, the Chinese market is ranked number 9 worldwide for the consumption of wine and might increase its potential in the next few years! With the legalization of sweet wines into the PRC announced by the International Organization of Wine, the Sauternes and Barsac wines will undoubtedly be more and more in demand! For the Chinese wine is not only a beverage or a luxury product, it is also very good for health! French Wine Paradox is aware of the needs of this People and keeps searching for the best products all around the world to provide its customers. From Château Lafite Rotschild, Château Pichon Longueville, French Paradox Reserve, Obikwa, Yellow Tail (the most sold wine in the world!) to Las Moras, Santa Alvara or even Lanson, French Wine Paradox tries to cover a wide range of tastes and to represent the largest number of countries treasures at the same time!

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