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Champagne Lanson

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Champagne LansonFounded in 1760, the Lanson House is one of the oldest houses in Champagne.

In addition to its rich historical heritage linked to a dynasty of men who worked for its success, the Lanson House has always produced Champagne with a unique style.

For over 250 years, Lanson has made the bold choice not to practice the malolactic fermentation in the winemaking process. This choice, guaranteeing freshness and optimizing development of aromas, predestines the cuvees for ageing, enabling them to fully express their rich aromatic palette.

International brand, Lanson is now present on five continents, it has naturally become the partner of style of celebration and success.


Nicolas-Louis Delamotte, a Knight of the Order of Malta, succeeded his father in 1798 and adopted the Maltese Cross as the Company crest. In 1828, he formed a partnership with Jean-Baptiste Lanson, who, in 1837, gave the company the name of Lanson et Cie. Forward-thinking and ambitious, Jean-Baptiste set out to conquer the newly emerging, export markets with the help of his two sons – Victor-Marie and Henri – exporting champagne to England, Holland and Russia.

In 1848, they moved into new premises on Boulevard Lundy in Reims, on the former site of a Gallo-Roman villa belonging to the Order of Templars – keepers of Maltese Cross. The beautiful cellars in the Rue de Courlancy were acquired in the early 1900s. These developments proved highly successful and, during the late 19th Century, Lanson was supplying champagne by royal appointment to the courts of the United Kingdom, Sweden and Spain.

This success continued throughout the 20th Century and, today, the same ambitious spirit to conquer new markets has established Lanson as a Grande Maison, worldwide.

A unique style

When the harvest is over and the grapes have been pressed, the must is stored in Lanson’s cellars according to varietal and vintage. At the beginning of the year following this harvest, the winemaker  creates the final blend. His unsurpassed mastery of the subtle interactions is the key to the enduring perfection of the Lanson style

Champagne Lanson is one of the few houses in the Champagne region that chooses not to use malolactic fermentation. This decision guarantees the freshness and optimal development of the wines’ flavours, allowing vintages to mature fully and evolve their complete array of aromas.

Lanson champagnes are the fruit of centuries of tradition. Their quality stems from the combination of age-old methods with a continually fresh desire to create. They embody the aspirations, ideals and character of the people who make them, and it is this that imbues the wines with a unique style that remains unmatched in the Champagne region.
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Lanson Black Label, Rosé Label, Gold Label, Extra Age, Noble Cuvée.

Champagne Lanson - Black LabelChampagne Lanson - Rosé LabelChampagne Lanson -Gold LabelChampagne Lanson - Extra Age

Champagne Lanson - Noble cuvée

Tasting Notes


“The guarantee of a consistent taste”

If there is one Non-vintage Brut champagne that is universally appreciated, it is surely Lanson Black Label, a great
classic that embodies the ideas and the character of a great House. A pleasant racy wine with a long and lingering taste. To be enjoyed at any occasion.

Description :





To the eye : The brilliant, limpid colour recalls the characteristic straw tones of the Pinot Noir, with glints of amber. It is lively in the fl ute, with a fi ne stream of persistent bubbles.

On the nose : It gives an impression of vitality and springtime scents, together with hints of “toast” and honey from a variety of fl owers.

On the palate : Bouquet of ripe fruits and citrus create a sensation of plenitude and lightness.
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Champagne Lanson-Black Label
To the eye : The brilliant, limpid colour recalls the characteristic straw tones of the Pinot Noir, with glints of amber. It is lively in the flute, with a fine stream of persistent bubbles。On the nose : It gives an impression of vitality and spring

Champagne Lanson-Rose Label
To the eye : A rosé champagne with a beautiful pure colour with pale salmon touches. On the nose : Aromas of roses and fruit predominate, with discreet notes of red fruit. On the palate : The initial impression is tender, well-rounded and fresh, this wine has harmonious balance and good length on the finish.

Champagne Lanson-Gold Label
Visually the colour is straw yellow animated by fine bubbles forming perfect strings. For the bouquet, aromas of syringa and spicy pineapple are enriched with notes of leather, hot stone and flint.
On the palate, the attack is smooth, full and complex; the honeysmooth finish adds to the overall harmony.

Champagne Lanson-Extra Age
Extra Age is a vibrant straw yellow with fine bubbles. The aromas of fig, winter pear and honey conjure up images of pastries. The attack is ample, the body generous and complex and the finale the epitome of finesse and freshness.

Champagne Lanson-Noble Cuvée
To the eye : the Noble Cuvée Brut 2000 presents a light golden colour enlivened by a myriad of fine bubbles.
On the nose : aromas of fresh pear, white fruits and floral, honey notes are enriched by notes of baked apples and cinnamon, heightened by a touch of minerality.
On the palate : the initial impression is soft with notes of pear and honey.