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[wptabtitle] Background Information [/wptabtitle]

ObikwaObikwa is a South African Winery specializing in classic South African grape varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage and Chenin Blanc.

Produced in the Adam Tas Cellars in Stellenbosch, these wines pay homage to the intrepid OBiKWA people for whom the ostrich represents a life force and trusty companion. It individually express ethnic charm and character with a distinctive South African heritage.

Just like the OBiKWA people used to tread lightly to look after their environment, the brand present a good sense for green values adhering to eco-friendly practices at every stage of the process:

  • in minimising it carbon footprint,
  • using lightweight packaging and
  • using sustainable wine production techniques…

OBiKWA wines are palate pleasing and are available under screw cap for added convenience and to ensure consistent quality at an affordable price.

For quality wines at these prices, OBIKWA is the ideal choice for sharing with friends and family at impromptu get-togethers.


[wptabtitle] Wine List [/wptabtitle]


Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, Pinotage, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Moscato, Pinotage Rose, Cuvee brut (Sparkling).

Obikwa - Cabernet SauvignonObikwa -ShirazObikwa - MerlotObikwa - Pinotage

Obikwa -  Sauvignon BlancObikwa -  Chenin BlancObikwa -  ChardonnayObikwa -  Moscato

Obikwa -  Pinotage RoseObikwa - Cuve Brut


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obikwa_box1obikwa_box2 obikwa_cabernet_sauvignon obikwa_chardonnay obikwa_chenin_blanc Obikwa_logo obikwa_logo2 obikwa_merlot obikwa_moscato obikwa_pinotage obikwa_pinotage_rose obikwa_sauvignon_blanc obikwa_shiraz Obikwa-cuvee-brut

[wptabtitle] Tasting Note [/wptabtitle]

Obikwa – Cabernet Sauvignon
OBiKWA Cab Sav is a full-bodied, ruby coloured wine. It’ll treat you well after a long day and also goes well with celebrations, too!

Obikwa – Pinotage
OBiKWA Pinotage is a ruby red, medium-bodied wine, a wee bit fruity but also a slightly spicy. If that went over your head – just know that this Pinotage is a solid companion who will never you let down on a rainy day.

Obikwa – shiraz
This full-bodied Shiraz sports a dark ruby hue and smells like happiness in a bottle. Although ready to be enjoyed immediately, this wine has a maturation potential of 3-4 years. The question is… can you wait that long? Wink wink

Obikwa – Sauvignon blanc
OBiKWA Sauvignon Blanc is the ideal summer wine and smacks of crisp tropical fruit with a smattering of gooseberries and fig. If you’re planning a night out with mates – don’t forget to bring along a bottle of this yummy potion.

Obikwa – Chenin Blanc
OBiKWA Chenin Blanc is a lively, fruity and refreshing easy-drinking wine made from 100% Chenin Blanc grapes. On the couch, during lunch or whilst staring into your lovers eye’s – this wine’s always a hit.

Obikwa – Chardonnay
OBiKWA Chardonnay is a soft and easy-to-drink wine with a fresh fruity pear and peach aftertaste. It bursts with flavour and is known to encourage lots of laughing, talking and smiles.

Obikwa – Pinotage Rosé
OBiKWA Rosé is made using 100% Pinotage grapes which gives it a crisp and juicy taste. It’s the yummiest summer wine by far and goes well with sunsets and nibbly snacks.