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Created in 2008, Wineo Selection Sud is a French wine company which headquarters are located in Montpellier - Languedoc Roussillon (South of France). Thanks to a good knowledge of the European, Chinese and Canadian markets and agents, Wineo has conquered more and more market shares...

On the wine market, there is several bottle types that you can find. The standard size for the Champagne and Bordeaux are 75Cl. Each bottle size has a particular name (Champagne bottle size and Bordeaux bottle size are different). So for the Champagne wine’s bottle : Quart -...

To understand the wine, you need to understand its composition. Indeed, in speaking of the Bordeaux blends. These connections bring together several grape varieties (usually two) to produce complex wines that vary depending on the quantity of each variety used.In Bordeaux we say that the wines of...