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When discussing the prestigious French wines, we immediately think of the Great Growths of Bordeaux and its famous Châteaux Margaux, Lafite, Latour, and Rothschild, among many others, enjoying a worldwide reputation that is proven. We then tend to forget that one of the most expensive...

Lorsque l’on évoque les prestigieux vins français, on pense immédiatement aux Grands-Crus classés de Bordeaux et ses célèbres châteaux Margaux, Lafite, Latour et autres Rothschild, jouissant d’une renommée mondiale qui n’est plus à prouver. Nous avons alors tendance à oublier que l’un des vins les...

Pinotage come from a invention of Mr Abraham Perold. Basically, it’s a cross between the grape Cinsault (locally named Hermitage) and Pinot Noir. This Cross had been made at the Stellenbosch Univeristy in 1925. History : They invent this grape due to the need of having a good...